ZETALIGHT Dyeing Process

High Contrast Dyeing Effect

Searching for a garment dyed super old effect?



zaitexfashion R&D Garment developed a special dyeing process that allows to get a fashionable, deeper surface dyeing outcome, with a marked contrast effect after washing treatments.


It offers good fastness to wet treatments and is highly recommended for garment dyeing.





zaitexfashion R&D Garment developed ZETALIGHT PROCESS that involves ZETALIGHT dyestuffs, a series of dyes suitable to get a high contrast dyeing effect on ready garments.


Dyeing garments using ZETALIGHT dyes series allows to get astonishing super-old effects on them. If applied in combination with ZETAFIX SLK fixing agent, they guarantee good fastnesses.


ZETALIGHT dyes may be discharged by means of potassium permanganate, sodium hypochlorite or laser treatment.

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The dyeing method with ZETALIGHT dyes involves just a few steps in order to be done and have great results as final outcome.

ZETALIGHT dyes series includes a selection of dyes called eco range, free from highly dangerous heavy metals.

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ZETALIGHT dyes features a wide range of colors. Their dischargeability feature allows to get any color you want.