• Remarkable deposition effect on the seams
  • Can be used with reactive, direct or sulfur dyes
  • Low energy consumption (~50°C)
  • Without using pigments it’s possible to avoid spreading spots

  • Manual spray
  • Soaking
  • Automatic spray systems

The low temperature process and the use of reactive, direct or sulphur dyes allow to carry out a low energy dyeing and get metal-free garments. Innovative effects, more and more requested by the market, are obtained using ZAITEX auxiliaries.

The fashionable Cold Dyeing Fade effect can be achieved applying Zetareact CDF 200, a special resin auxiliary to get fade effects which can be applied using soaking systems, manual or automatic spray systems. The resin is said to give remarkable build-up on the seams, achieving fade effects on them without using pigments. In addition, Zaitex recommends using Zetareact CDF 200 with Zetadirect or Zetasul dyes, also at low dyeing temperature. Using Zetasul dyes makes it possible to achieve a complete metal-free dyeing, says the company. To improve the wet fastness, Zaitex suggests the use of Zetafix CAP 100. Laser systems can be optionally useful to give marked shades and engrave outstanding effects on the garments.

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