zaitexfashion is a project led by the R&D Garment of ZAITEX SpA. It is in charge of the constant development of new dyeing recipes and washing processes in order to get original fashion effect on dyed garments and denim ones.


Our experience makes possible to reduce resource usage, offering you the best chemicals to achieve custom or market-driven fashion effects.

zaitexfashion R&D Garment develops the best solutions to get original fashion effects on garments: dyed fabrics, old wash and vintage effects, stone wash, dischargeable and decorative effects.

We produce specific garment dyeing or denim samples on demand by using only best quality dyestuffs and chemicals.

Our technicians can support designers’ creativity and the R&D of our textile customers.

If you want to test our dyes and chemicals for garment dyeing or denim or just to know something more about them, please do not hesitate and get in touch with us.

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