Bleaching agent for a more brilliant shade on denim

ZETAWHITE SO is a detergent in powder formula for the scouring and bleaching of cellulosic fibers without optical brighteners.

It is a special product developed by ZAITEX R&D Garment, which is ideal to be used in order to pop out the outcome of the bleaching and the scouring of denim garments.

ZETAWHITE SO is listed:

 GOTS      ZDHC    EIM

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ZETAWHITE SO is a powder formula for the washing and the bleaching of garments in cotton and mixed synthetic fiber garments.


It doesn’t contain fluorescent whitening agents; it is used to whiten the indigo dyed garments pre-treated with strong oxidants such as permanganate and hypochlorite.

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ZETAWHITE SO can be used for:


  • scouring – bleaching of cotton
  • bleaching of the areas whitened with oxidants
  • modification of the colour of the indigo dyed denim
  • colour reduction at denim dyed with Sulphur dyes

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