No water, no pumice stone. Just dry bio-abrasion.



ZETALASE NW is designed  to replace pumice stone for stone wash treatment on denim garments, but with a great, crucial mission: to reduce the amount of water used during the process.

Just like the old-fashioned stone wash method ruled, but with definitely a lower environmental impact.

ZETALASE NW is ZDHC approved.

Take a look at the denim garment here:
its left part is just raw; its right one is treated with ZETALASE NW.


In order to get a trendy worn-out look with no water and no pumice stone, ZETALASE NW can simulate the action of the pumice stone for a stone wash effect on garments, but with a lot less water.


ZETALASE NW is a special powder, ready-to-use, to be applied in the washing machine that works in dry conditions during the process, already active at room temperature.

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Main features of


  • low environmenta impact in comparison with pumice stone
  • ready-to-use at room temperature
  • dry bio-abrasion with no water, just wet garment pick-up

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