Garment Flash Print process

What if a laser beam could be used for fixing colors instead of erase them from garment?


ZETAFLEX ZL SPECIAL is a special auxiliary specifically designed for our patented* Garment Flash Print process.


Suitable to be used in combination with ZETACOL F pigments, it allows to create infinite decorations on garments using Laser Technology.

ZETAFLEX ZL SPECIAL is the core of Zaitex Garment Flash Print process, specifically designed for garment dyeing processes that involve the use of laser systems.


In a few steps, you can create unlimited designs and original fashion effects on garments.

Zaitex R&D developed the Garment Flash Print process for being applied on ready-to-dye garments, on dyed garments or denim ones.


  • Garment Flash Print Crude
    suitable to get special effects on ready-to-dye garments;
  • Garment Flash Print Painted
    suitable to be applied on dyed garments;
  • Garment Flash Print Bicolour
    fits to garments that have been dyed twice;
  • Garment Flash Print Denim
    same technology, applied on denim garments.
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* Garment Flash Print is a patented process for the decoration of fabrics and garments.
See Patent approval n. 0001429959

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