Students from IIS Marzotto-Luzzati visited ZAITEX S.p.A.

ZAITEX S.p.A. built most of its know-how as a result of many years of experience acquired learning-by-doing. However, our technicians had a specific knowledge that can enrich every day with new experiences and new limits to overcome.

ZAITEX S.p.A. supports any chance of collaborating with schools and the University because we believe in the power of sharing knowledge.

During the first half of 2019, ZAITEX SpA achieved a small, big goal: to host students from IIS Marzotto-Luzzati Valdagno (VI), a historic school in which several of our technicians studied. Our aim: to bring students closer to our everyday job, their future potential one.

We managed to do it in two steps.

First, we went to the school in order to make a company presentation; we showed off the activities we carry out and our commitment for selling eco-sustainable products.

Secondly, we arranged a company visit in our headquarter in Dueville to show our textile and chemical analysis laboratories, plus a workshop session in the new R&D Garment department in order to make an eco-friendly dyed garment and a denim one.

We are proud that students – and professors, too –¬† took part in this initiative because we believe it is always useful to involve them and let them perceive the value of their time spent on books and grasp the importance of a healthy passion for their future work.

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