Workshop in RGT Italia

Thanks to our strong and long lasting relationship, RGT Italia hosted us by its dyeing plant and R&D department near Padua in order to test our brand new auxiliaries chemicals for denim, ZETAKIN APJ + ZETAOX APJ and ZETAKIN O3.

The first one is a combination of chemicals, suitable to be an ecological alternative – as a bleaching agent – to PP Spray. The APJ combination can be applied as a laser booster, too. This way allows to enhance the laser abrasion on the garments.

The second one is an ozone booster, an activator for ozone treatment, suitable to enhance the O3 action on denim garments and reduce the whole treatment process time.

After a few tests, we all seem to be satisfied about their final outcome! 🙂

Our chemicals for denim have been developed to be eco-friendly and have a great, effective impact on denim treatment compared to traditional processes.

We thank so much RGT Italia to have hosted us there and run some tests together.