Sustainable denim garments by using APJ SYSTEM

The zaitexfashion project was born to provide our customers with the best dyeing and finishing experience ZAITEX S.p.A. achieved, especially regarding garment dyeing and denim garments markets.

Our attention has always been focused on two main goals: developing dyeing processes designed to be applied with new technologies; plus, the constant optimization of traditional processes. In addition, we put many attention to the sustainability theme, that led us to overcome the limits and develop products that can lower their environmental impact and reduce the entire production cycle time.

Regarding the finishing of denim garments, ZAITEX R&D Garment department has recently developed APJ SYSTEM, an ecological alternative to the traditional bleaching process for indigo garments. After several internal and production tests, derived from the partnership with our consultant Luca Crestan, a first and rich capsule collection of fully eco-friendly denim garments was born, treated with APJ SYSTEM, applied both by spray and laser.

As a consultant for ZAITEX S.p.A. I am in charge of giving a fashionable character to the garments made by the company’s R&D Garment team. I believe that the APJ SYSTEM is a ductile system, simple and easy to apply, suitable for all production plants that want to replace it with excellent results to the classic potassium permanganate. I noticed that it allows good shades on indigo garments, so it stimulates the imagination of us designers.