It all started with the power of light

Choosen the desired ready-to-dye garments and the raw denim ones, everything started with the power of light! ⚡️

From that moment on, the sustainable garment collection zaitexfashion brought to ITMA 2019 started to get shape.

It was not simply the nth time ZAITEX started some trials to produce a garment collection as per a customer or a brand requests. In that case, ZAITEX technicians’ experience and the proactive R&D in garment dyeing and denim treatment allowed us to cooperate together with a famous german fashion brand s.Oliver and a few of our reliable partners in order to create an eco-friendly capsule collection to show off during ITMA 2019.

Concerning one of the main theme of ITMA 2019, the sustainable innovation in garment industry, we developed a garment collection that includes both dyed garments and denim ones, any of them featured with a unique look, fashionable characteristics and moreover their final look was made by applying our latest dyes and chemicals, all GOTS approved and applied by the means of the latest technology, like laser systems.

In particular, we succefully applied our new series of eco-friendly products, such as:

  • APJ SYSTEM, our latest solution as an alternative for the bleaching of denim;
  • ZETALASE BT 30, our low-temp special enzyme for the stone wash of denim garments;
  • the products belonging to the BIO-TREATMENT series, such as BIOSTONE, BIORUBBER & BIOSPONGE to give a fashionable and market-driven look to the garments.

We believe s.Oliver brand is fully satisfied by the final outcome so that we are very proud we accomplished this goal together for such important international event.

The partner of this project that let the magic begin by using the power of a light beam was EVEREST Lavanderie from Piombino Dese (PD): they made the first step of all the denim garment designs by using their laser systems.

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