ZETAOX DD – the truly effective eco-friendly alternative to potassium permanganate

The word “sustainable” cannot be told along with “denim” unless you completely forget about potassium permanganate. Our commitment is to provide harmless and safer chemicals, for the environment, workers and end-users. When it comes to denim production, the answer is ZETAOX DD.

There won’t be no eco-friendliness until you face the reality: potassium permanaganate is what we want to get rid of in the denim/jeans production, the goal with which we designed ZETAOX DD.

ZETAKIN LST fixes the common issues of the laser treatment like a grey/brownish patina on the surface, spoiling the natural look of the fabric, forcing to do additional washing & rinses to get them away.

ZETAKIN LST can be applied by spray gun, by soaking or, even better by spraying with the latest nebulizing technologies.

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