Go greener with BIO-TREATMENT

We believe the series of those BIO- products represents an effective, reliable and above all ecological alternative in comparison with traditional finishing treatment of garment dyeing and denim garments. Together are being called BIO-TREATMENT.


A ceramic-based stone with special abrasive surface designed for denim garments stone wash treatment.


Rubber stone designed for stone-wash treatment. It performs well when used in combination with enzymes and/or BIOSTONE.


Sponge cube used to give a soft hand to the denim treatment or garment dyeing post-treatment.

Take a closer look to how BIOSTONE works

ZAITEX S.p.A. has recently signed an exclusive distribution agreement with BIOMOD srl and AJ Trading srl.


This agreement concerns the selling and distribution of the following products: BIOSTONE, BIORUBBER, BIOSPONGE and BIOSTAINS.


Those products represent an ecological alternative to those ones traditionally used for the treatment of denim garments and dyed ones.


During ITMA 2019 exhibition (20-26 June), ZAITEX S.p.A. officially presented those products. Most importantly, we showed off their great results when using them in production step.

The use of the brands BIOSTONE, BIORUBBER, BIOSPONGE and BIOSTAINS have been granted by BIOMOD srl. Visit www.biomod.tech Their distribution has been given by AJ TRADING srl.

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